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4MATIV and NuGen Go Announce a Groundbreaking Strategic Partnership Ensuring Transportation Is Not a Barrier to a High-Quality Education

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Leaders in education transportation mobility solutions and the best-in-class turnkey partner for electric vehicle solutions team up to build the education transportation ecosystem of the future

ST. PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–4MATIV Technologies (“4MATIV”), a leader in education transportation mobility solutions and trusted partner of K12 public school districts, charter schools, and independent schools across the United States, announced a strategic partnership with NuGen Go, a cutting-edge electric transportation investment company dedicated solely to electrifying fleets. The partnership lays the groundwork for K12 education transportation systems of the future, marrying 4MATIV’s expertise in innovative, multi-modal transportation system design with NuGen Go’s turnkey electric vehicle financing and management solutions.

Together, 4MATIV and NuGen Go design, manage, and implement electric vehicle solutions for K12 education, higher education, and the school transportation workforce reducing barriers for students to maximize their potential. 4MATIV’s transportation performance management software and services for K12 school districts and education stakeholders coupled with NuGen Go’s turnkey electric vehicle fleet financing and operations will build the next generation education transportation ecosystem.

Carl Allen, President and COO of 4MATIV, and Michael Baer, Managing Partner of NuGen Go, noted “Together 4MATIV and NuGen Go are dedicated to implementing nimble and resilient transportation solutions that are better for students, educators, communities, and the environment.”

Rajeev Bajaj, co-founder of 4MATIV and CEO of Kitamba, remarked “COVID and the significant needs of students have made urgent the need for innovative and nimble solutions to reduce barriers to high-quality education. Multi-model transportation, from smaller vehicles to electric buses, carpooling, biking, and walking, all have the potential to transform education transportation from a liability to an asset on a path to building back better.”

Mark Joseph, co-founder of 4MATIV and former CEO of Transdev, shared that “Several of the 4MATIV team members have held senior leadership roles at Transdev operating public and private multi-modal transit in 200 cities. We have a deep understanding of the complexities in the transition from internal combustion engine buses to electric and impacts to ongoing operations. Partnering with NuGen Go, we will be able to successfully help schools anticipate and navigate the challenges of EV migration, from hardware selection to financing to optimization of routing and charging and more.”

4MATIV Technologies

With unmatched expertise in education and mobility, 4MATIV expands transportation options that ensure each student’s access to learning opportunities, meet family needs, and fit district budgets. 4MATIV’s technology and performance management platform enables a multi-modal approach with new flexible options and incentives that are aligned with education organizations to bring students to school for less cost and with less hassle.

NuGen Go

NuGen Go’s turnkey electric vehicle (“EV”) solutions help fleet owners meet their zero-emission goals while minimizing the total cost of ownership of transitioning to an EV future. NuGen Go is a one-stop-shop for fleet electrification, with its fleet electrification-as-a-service solution that takes the complexity out of EV adoption for K12 schools, governments, universities, and private investment.


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