4 new intelligent PowerPoint features to create perfect presentations faster

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Superb presentations start by establishing!

Be it a student or a working professional, the process of creating a clear, concise presentation can be a little stressful and time-consuming. But, a powerful presentation can help in presenting the ideas more clearly to the audience no matter what the topic is.

A great presentation typically consists of the key points that must be elaborated and conveyed in a clear and compelling manner. However, just great content is not enough. A good presentation must also be well-designed as the images you show can greatly attract or distract people.

When it comes to presentation designing with all these choices – theme selection, formats, colors and fonts; it consumes significant time and withdraws users from focusing on the primary purpose of conveying the message to the audience.

Microsoft’s new Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled PowerPoint has a solution for this.

We are not teaching you on how to design your next presentation, but we are introducing you 4 simple ways the new version of AI based PowerPoint will help you in nailing your next presentation to effectively get your points across.

Explore ways how AI in PowerPoint will bring convenience in building presentations:

1. Content-focused theme

It takes a lot of time and skills to decide the best design that perfectly complements the content. To tackle that, PowerPoint has now got theme ideas in Designer. Hence, when users open a blank presentation and starts typing on the slide, they will get AI-powered relevant suggestions on content layouts, icons, high-quality images licensed for commercial use, theme styles and colors.

2. Add perfection to data with Designer perspectives

The new Designer Perspective in PowerPoint will now suggest text to help users make the most of the data and stats used in the presentation. The new feature is powered by the Perspective Engine of Microsoft Research.

“For instance, “Commercial planes fly at 30,000 feet” is hard to interpret. But adding “about the height of Mount Everest” makes it easier to understand – thus offering a great way for everyone to effectively convey information,” explained Microsoft.

3. Enter practice mode with Presenter Coach

PowerPoint for the web is now being powered by AI-based Presenter Coach who will help provide users feedback on their presentation. There will be intelligent tips for improving the skills, warning about the use of filler words like ‘umm’, alerts against insensitive phrases, etc.

4. Deliver inclusive presentations with live captions and sub-title feature

To ensure that all the members in the audience understand the presentations, there is AI-powered live captions and subtitles feature in PowerPoint. This feature is aimed to create an accessible and inclusive workplace for everyone, especially the ones who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The Live Captions feature will provide real-time transcriptions of the spoken words of a presenter on a screen either in the same language or in a translated language.

PowerPoint will support 12 spoken languages and more than 60 languages for on-screen captions and subtitles. It will be very helpful for global and remote employees who speak different languages from the person who is presenting.

It is worth saying that AI in PowerPoint will significantly improve large-scale presentations. Sometimes an extra digital support can spark a joy in the presentation and not fill the room with clock-watchers.

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