10 latest integrations in Microsoft Teams that will transform communication at work

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latest integrations in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has integrated several new functionalities in its Teams collaboration app that will bring together all the workplace tools, apps, and services.

The new integrations in Microsoft Teams will provide a better workflow for users. Ranging from customer feedback and employee polls to workflow management, Teams app has now got everything.

What’s new in Microsoft Teams

1. Twitter

Organizations can now integrate Twitter into Microsoft Teams gain customer feedback right into the app. For example, if a customer mentions the company or uses its hashtag, it will flow right into Teams. The company can respond directly from the app without interrupting workflow.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud

This integration will allow users to bring their creative work to Teams, whether it is a video, design, or photo. By sharing their work in Teams, they can get feedback, and stay updated on tasks and actions.

3. GitHub

GitHub’s integration in Teams will be beneficial for everyone that uses it for creating, sharing, and shipping the best possible code.

4. Jira

To help software development teams deliver their work faster, Teams has also got Jira integration. It will allow users to visualize important things like development velocity, workloads, bug resolution, and app performance in real-time, right from Teams.

5. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform used to create great experiences and unlock productivity. Its integration in Teams will transform old and manual ways working into modern digital workflows.


Integration of into Teams will allow users to interact with it by typing commands in a chat window. They can schedule Teams meetings, send and receive reminders, create documents, and more.

7. Trello

Integration of Trello project management software will enable users to see their Trello assignments, tasks, and notifications in Teams and have conversations about them.

8. Polly

Using Polly in Microsoft Teams, users can now quickly create surveys and polls in Teams channels and view results in real-time.

9. Disco

Using Disco into Teams, users can now give public shout-outs and congratulate their colleagues in real-time. For example, if someone delivers a project before the deadline, other colleagues can pay it forward by giving Disco points in Teams.

10. MindMeister

Microsoft has also integrated the MindMeister, an online mind-mapping tool, into Teams. It will let users take notes, brainstorm, visualize project plans, and easily show connections between ideas.

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“Bringing these apps and tools together in Teams is a great way to bring the focus back to your workflow. They’re easy to integrate and offer something for everyone, whether you’re developing software, managing projects, or gathering customer feedback,” wrote Microsoft Teams team in a blog post.

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